Our Girls

Nicka Faundland


Hips: OFA Prelim Good- Elbows:OFA Prelim Normal 

Patella: OFA Normal - Cardiac: Normal

Cystinuria  Clear

        After a long search, we imported our Nicka from Europe in 2014. She has been a breeze from the beginning- from socialization to housebreaking, to playing with our bunnies. You can always find her with her soft, lovable energy lounging around by the fireplace or off on the trail with our boys.

        Nicka is a mirror image of her grandfather, the great Westminster Best in Show of 2004, CH Darbydale's All Rise Pouch Cove. She comes from generations of healthy, genetically clear champions.

Living Waters of Eagle Ridge


      It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to place Brook in a forever retirement home.  She is 5 years young.  She is wonderful with children, house trained, and leash trained.  She will need training around the sights and sounds of a more suburban or city  environment as she has lived in the woods most of her life.  She loves car rides, walks in the woods and stuffed toys.  She is good with other dogs but will need training with cats and lots of training with chickens.  She is available immediately.  You may send an inquiry via email or text with  details about your current lifestyle and family structure (including pets).  We also appreciate a vet reference. Her adoption fee is $1800.

  We have known Brooke since she was a puppy, so when she became available, we just knew that she had to join our family. Brooke is from rare lines that boast OFA Excellent Hips. Her heart has been cleared by a cardiologist and she is cystinuria clear by parentage.  She is a rockstar mother, and has that beautiful Newfie temperament that we all love. Since joining us, she has proven to be trustworthy around small animals and our children in our home.



        Glory is a wonderful ambassador for the newfoundland breed.  Her sensitivity is such a huge part of who she is.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and loves to please people.   She dumps her water whenever she gets a chance and loves our cats.  Though she chases them occasionally, she is often caught catching a cat nap snuggling with them on our porch.  She was born here at Berry Hill and blossomed into a beautiful lady. 

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